DCA Title

DCA specializes in:
• Transformer Design and Testing
• Circuit Card Design and Assembly
• Wire Harness Design and Assembly
• Box Build Design and Assembly
• SMT and Through-Hole Assembly
• Reverse Engineering Legacy Circuits


DCA provides a wide DCA has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Mil-Spec, commercial, and industrial transformers. DCA specializes in custom wound magnetic assemblies for aerospace, military commercial, and industrial markets.
DCA winds ferrite cores, cut cores, toriods, laminations, open style toroids, series regulator inductors, and output filtering chokes
DCA has the ability to manufacture anywhere from low volume to thousands of transformers per month in our manufacturing facility. DCA has the machines for low and high volume manufacture and encapsulation and testing abilities

Curcuit Card Assembly

DCA provides a wide range of electronic manufacturing services for defense, industrial, and commercial customers. All DCA assemblies are versed in J-STD-001 and meet IPC-610 Class 3 soldering. Our capabilities include:
• SMT technology – single and double sided
• Mixed technology – single and double sided
• Through-hole technology
• through-hole to SMT conversion
• Engineering design and circuit layout
• Component selection
• Conformal coating
• Product upgrades
• Legacy productions using lead based solder
• Design for Testing and Design for Manufacture

Curcuit Card Assembly

DCA manufactures wire or cable harness for military, industrial, and commercial markets, DCA produces high quality wire harness assemblies from prototype to full production. DCA works with most interconnect types and styles connectors. From single D-Subs to multiple level mixed signal cable configurations can be produced. DCA can provide solutions ranging from low level signal requiring EMI protection, lightning protection, and isolation with minimum crosstalk to high current DC powerline designs.